Wednesday, June 29, 2016

No Man Is An Island...Unless You Are

I'm a people person-- I love to talk and interact with others. So naturally, I don't really like to be isolated or cut off from that, however in my current phase of life I am in isolation the majority of the time. So how do I deal with it?

No idea-- still in process.

I pray, but my mind is a beehive; a cacophony that is extraordinarily hard to quiet. I try to slow down, but sometimes slow down to the point of lethargy and demotivation in the process. Sometimes I burn with creativity and passion, but also would rather numb my mind being distracted and entertained.

So where does balance take place? Like I said, still in process.

Procrastination and inconsistency are among my worst enemies and yet my almost constant companions. A quote that I stumbled upon recently comes to mind that applies: Procrastination is the assassin of opportunity. Knowing this, why would we ever procrastinate? I think the simple answer is (if we are being honest with ourselves): Well...because it's easy, and I can do it right now with little to no effort with instant results. If we knew what procrastination robbed us of we would seldom partner with it, and yet when you spend an excess of time in isolation (like myself), you'd be amazed at how, even when you have an abundance of time on your hands, it's so easy to spend it doing nothing (or at least nothing constructive).

I'd love to offer an innovative solution to overcoming this particular habit, but the truth is (odds are, like you) I'm still figuring it out and attempting to execute an effective plan that will cause creative and constructive efforts to abound. While I don't have that figured out just yet, I still have this going for me-- I'm not about to give up and stop trying. And, if that's the overall takeaway in this whole rant you've volunteered to read, then I daresay it's a successful one.

So let's keep going, keep planning, keep trying-- we'll find our momentum and balance yet. Just know that you're not alone-- I'm right there with you, pushing forward, fumbling at times, but never quitting even when it sounds like a good idea.

Are you in?

Writing On,

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