Wednesday, January 20, 2016

When Magic Fades & Eagles Fly

The year 2016 has been off to a somber start it would seem, with the passing of so many great talents. Whether they took us to magical settings in film or made our lives sweet with the sound of their voices and songwriting genius, it's been challenging to see such gifts pass on in what has felt like rapid succession to many. With great names like David Bowie, Alan Rickman and Glenn Frey departing our world's stage recently, no doubt there are a great many of us now re-immersing themselves in the treasure trove that is their respective works in music and film.

My heart was especially wrenched when I heard of the passing of Mr. Rickman, whose work I have enjoyed since I was a kid. And then of course there was Glenn Frey, founding member of The Eagles and one of the greatest songwriters in rock and roll. I was the fortunate benefactor of my Dad's music collection when I was younger, and the Eagles were certainly right up there at the top of the list. In a heartbroken text the day of Glenn Frey's passing, my Dad described the band as his first musical love-- the Beatles of his generation. For me, the first song I ever heard from the group was Hotel California, as I'm sure was the first for many, and definitely the quintessential to be at all called a fan. I had the pleasure of performing that tune a couple times with a local cover band, once at my Dad's fortieth birthday party. While the original is always the best version, as a tribute to the late, great Mr. Frey (and also to my Pop), I decided to post the Hell Freezes Over live version for all of you. Hope you enjoy.

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