Friday, January 22, 2016

Raw & Ragged

The desire to write is so strong in so many of us-- but where to begin? I think that is question asked most often in regards to writing a story, or at least the question I ask most of myself.
In the immortal words of Julie Andrews: "Let's start at the very beginning-- a very good place to start."

If you have the desire to write, then you should strike while the iron is hot, so to speak; grab a pen and paper or fire up your word processor and just let the words out. Even if you don't have a story, we all have thoughts, dreams or some sort of message we want to share with the world or at least your immediate world. That's your starting line.

As you progress you will begin to realize that whatever your story or message may be, it's initial incarnation will come out raw and ragged, rough and unrefined. The most important thing to know during that time is THAT'S PERFECTLY OKAY. After all, when someone becomes physically active in an effort to get in shape, the dream physique isn't achieved after the first few workouts, much less the first-- that's just the starting point. Polished writing-- much like a polished physique-- takes time, effort and and most of all passion; passion and commitment. While talent is a necessity, there are a number of talented people out there who lack the passion and drive to see their dream become a reality, which is sad in and of itself because they may be depriving the world of the beautiful gift that is their skill and talent.

Which is why you need to just start writing.

Don't worry about being brilliant-- that comes later, when you take the proverbial sandpaper and sand away the rough edges and chip away at the clunky and jagged points that muddle your narrative voice. I spent years keeping my God-given love of writing on the back burner, wanting more but not being willing to give more. There came a point where I needed to decide: Am I a writer or aren't I?

You develop a hunger for what you feed yourself, so if you're hungry to write, don't starve yourself and your gift-- feed it. Trust me, you won't be sorry you did.

Write On,

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