Sunday, November 29, 2015

Being Published, NaNoWriMo and Beyond

Well it's been two weeks since Coma, California has been available to the world, and I truly hope that you are all enjoying it as you read and discover more about the characters that I spent years creating and falling in love with!

But now that I am a published author, I suppose the question is: What next?

Well when you have an overactive imagination like mine, sometimes it feels like there's no limit of the number of projects you can choose from (which I hope doesn't sound arrogant-- it's just a fancy way of saying my brain is spastic and won't shut up). One such project I decided to expand upon for my first time participating in the annual National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) held every November, aiming high for the 50,000 word mark and coming quite shy with less than 20,000 words to show for it. In any case, I'm still positive and quite happy that I now am well into a project that I am really enjoying and am very excited to share with you.

I'm still very much floating in the reality that I have a book out there for people to read, and you can expect more promotional efforts from myself for Coma, California in the weeks and months to come. However I am very excited at the prospects of the near future. I hope you are too.

Writing On,

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